Thread: How did your college degree improve your data practice?

Every once in a while, I have the opportunity to speak to a group of folks interested in launching a career in data. Normally, I run through the essentials: learn Python instead of R, use leading commas in your SQL, start with Bayes and jump to neural nets if needed, leverage pie charts extensively — you know, universally accepted truths.

This week, I have just such an opportunity. This school has a budding analytics major, but most students are drawn from a variety of disciplines — business, humanities, communications, the arts, and the sciences.

It’s intimidating to try and break into a career even with the best of preparation, but the data field can seem particularly incoherent to aspirants. So this week, in lieu of a post, I’d love to collect some stories connecting what you studied in college to careers in data. (For the children!)

So, in the thread, shout out:

What did you study in college, and what is one way it has helped you in your data career?

I’ll kick off the discussion with my own thoughts in a comment below.