Data People Etc. is about data and other stuff.

We’ll talk about data stuff.

When that gets boring, we’ll talk about data-adjacent stuff, like people.

And when that gets boring, we’ll talk about the rest of the things, like the organization of the mind, the nature of knowledge, and children’s literature.

If you demand consistency from your free newsletters, then please, don’t subscribe. You will not like it here. I will not publish on a predictable cadence.1 I will not finish topical series.2 I will not write useful things that will benefit your career.3


My primary aim with this space is to cultivate an interesting conversation. Occasionally I host symposia, where I publish essays from readers around a specified topic, in hopes of bringing together divergent views.

If you have a great idea you want to share for the next symposium, you can reach out via email. If you want to get a sense of what one is like, check out:

About me

I’m a data professional, currently working at Whatnot. I have a bunch of kids and live in Ohio. Writing is a sinister compulsion that I have not yet overcome.


Especially if I claim I will.


Especially if I start numbering them.


Or mine, for that matter.

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