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Apr 24, 2023Liked by Stephen Bailey

> [...] we ought to ask about orchestration, not the orchestrator.

> Orchestration is an essential capability and isn’t going anywhere. The right question is: what is the future of orchestration?

Exactly this. The whole "the orchestrator is dead" takes across this series as well as on Data Twitter / Data Folks had me a bit befuddled -- orchestration is "merely" project management for moving data around and doing something useful with it!

Every attempt at eliminating project management in the corporate world by wishing it away and hoping people delivering something together can self-organise, or simply by calling it something else hasn't worked. However the discipline has been modernised and is being endlessly tinkered with to suit different organisational styles, cultures and workplace practices -- some attempts more successful than others.

This is the direction of travel that I see for orchestration in general as well -- it won't die, just evolve.

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